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The Beauty of Outdoor Fireplaces

Updated: Jan 16

Custom contemporary outdoor fireplace and pergola in Northern Virginia

If you've ever experienced the enchanting warmth and glow of an outdoor fireplace on a cool virginia evening, you know the magic it can bring to a backyard. Let's dive into the , components- exploring their beauty, functionality, and how

Why Get an Outdoor Fireplace?

When you introduce an outdoor fireplace to your space, you're not just adding a source of warmth; you're creating a focal point that transforms your outdoor space. The mesmerizing dance of the flames, comfortable cackle of burning wood creates a world of opportunities - from marshmellow-roasting gatherings to quiet evenings in, outdoor fireplaces set the stage for a lifetime of memories.

Design & Material Choices

The key to an elegant outdoor fireplace lies in its design and material choices. From a contemporary marble look to rustic locally sourced stone, there are a lot of choices, so it'll be helpful to get clear about your design aesthetic (blog post on this coming soon!). It's important to consider the rest of your backyard design and your goals when it comes to durability and function. Check out our project gallery for outdoor fireplace inspiration.

Year-Round Usability

One of the beautiful aspects of living in Virginia is experiencing each season fairly fully (sometimes even by lunch time!. This presents the unique advantage of being able to use your fireplace year round--From cozy winter gatherings to refreshing summer evenings, it's a versatile addition to your outdoor space with endless possibilities.

Entertaining in Style

Imagine hosting a barbecue-a soirée if you will- by the fire, with friends and family gathered around. Whether it's a spritzy summer evening or a cozy s'mores campout, outdoor fireplaces provide a central point for entertainment and relaxation. Just like outdoor kitchens, the beauty of outdoor fireplaces with Moore Design & Outdoor Living is their ability to be customized. Consider your lifestyle and how yo'll use the space. Do you envision a traditional stone hearth or a modern sleek design? Your outdoor fireplace should be a reflection of your lifestyle, design aesthetic, and goals.

Let's bring your vision to life

When it comes to designing and building outdoor fireplaces that radiate beauty and warmth, Moore Designs and Outdoor Living stands out as Haymarket's best choice. With over 40 years of experience in crafting outdoor living spaces, we have a deep understanding of what Virginia homeowners desire.

Our team is passionate about creating outdoor fireplaces that not only enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also bring an unmatched level of comfort. With our expertise, we ensure that your outdoor fireplace is more than just a place to stay warm; it's a centerpiece for unforgettable moments.

Ready to experience it yourself? Contact us today, and let's bring your vision to life. Whether you're in Haymarket, Northern Virginia, or the surrounding areas, we're here to create outdoor living spaces that warm both the body and the soul.

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