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Northern Virginia Porch Styles: From Classic to Contemporary

Updated: Jan 16

Classic Colonial Porches

Colonial-style porches have historically some of the most popular in Northern Virginia, their timeless charm has filled neighborhoods throughout the region. Architectural elements such as columns, gabled roofs, and symmetry contribute to classic colonial's southern charm and easygoing style.

Craftsman Beauty

The Craftsman porch style is another one of the most common style seen in Northern Virginia these days. The style is known for its simple yet elegant design; aspects like exposed rafters, tapered columns, and handcrafted details make these porches feel special and homey-y.

Farmhouse Chic

Gaining popularity through the region, Farmhouse-style porches create a cozy and welcoming environment. These porches typically have spacious and even wrap-around layout to include lots of seating options and might feature wide steps, wall panelling, and rustic materials creates a warm and inviting character.

Modern Minimalism

Clean lines and open-concept design are hallmarks of Modern-style porches. Elements like flat grooves, large windows, and seek materials create a contemporary look and feel. The simplicity of modern-minimalist style creates the opportunity to highlight unique materials and the space to let them shine.

Northern Virginia features such a wide range of porch styles, this is just the beginning! When planning your porch project don't feel like you need to stick with one design aesthetic-consider your unique lifestyle, design preferences, and architectural elements you're drawn to. Moore Designs & Outdoor Living is your trusted partner in bringing your dream porch to life, don't hesitate to reach out for support when it comes to designing or building!

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